08 January 2011

Unpredictable Safari & Jakarta

Hey people !
How's life?
nice !

a night, ica's mom called me and said 'let's go to the Safari park tomorrow !'.

Next day,
We (ica, ica's mom, dad, brother, and me) went from Bandung at 05.30. we sang and slept on the road. after arrived in Safari, we entered to the jungle. In there, some animals are free to walk and could come close to the car. We could give some carrots !

Animals there

Hey look ! they eat my carrots !

Let's take pictures with the statue !

after that, we went to Jakarta before going home.
here are some pictures !

Bye !

10 December 2010


Hey ! it's been to long since i post the last post, right ?
sorry, cause iam getting my school test now :(
i have no time to post something.

every night i must study with my laptop.
sometimes i feel very tired, sleepy, and lazy (i guess you too :p)
so, i prevent it by watching some videos ..

what kind of video ?

iam watching the video of AUDREY AND GAMALIEL. They are 'cover' some songs and publish it in the youtube. and i download it all :)) you now their voice is very soft, easy listening, and blablabla...
try this everybody ! iam not sleepy , lazy , and tired anymore !

loves hugs, bye !
watch it out !

Break Your Heart (Taio Cruz) - Maniac (Girlicious)

Telephone - Lady Gaga

23 October 2010

Task Take My Blog ?

Hey people ! now I am very very bussy because of my tasks :(
I can't post something everytime I want :(
Tasks take my posting time !
Oh yeah this is my pict in the school's friday uniform :)
I like this uniform cause it soo big , xoxo ~.~

(my right hand is a little bit bent)

Ohh. I'll tell you something ! now in my school is time for choosing some extra-programs (In Indonesia = eskul). I have three kinds of programs I want. let me tell you if i have entered to that programs, okay !
bye !

05 September 2010

02 September 2010

Holiday = Homeworks

List of homeworks for this holiday
• Art : make ‘kolase’
• Religion : Powerpoint about ‘Sifat-Sifat Allah’
• Math : summary of set, draft about number, and C.C 2.4
• Civic : make –makalah-
• Sociology : make –makalah-
• English : do text book page 1 – 82
• Physic : tugas mandiri in folio
• Chemist : make –makalah-
• Economy : question 1 and 2 about supply and demand
• Electro : draw a sketch of your house or other buildng
• Indonesia : Text book chapter 1 and 2
Okay, let’s do it one by one ! I know you can do it , yeah !

28 August 2010

a GOOD-BAD song for C1S

Tonight .. My handphone is low-battery. I borrow my brother’s, on his handphone there’s no good song (I swear). Buttt, there is A GOOD-BAD SONG for me. Can you guess what? The song is Ipang – Sahabat Kecil. Yeah, it is Laskar Pelangi soundtrack. Why I say GOOD-BAD SONG? Because ...


Because the lyric is so simple and full of meaning.

Why BAD?

Cause ... You know, when I hear that song I will cry (always). I don’t know why. I will remember my true friendship C ONE SYSTEM. Word by word always remain me to all of the happiness and sadness in the class. Can you imagine we are in the same class for three years ! soo, i hope you can feel what i feel now. (I’m crying again now).

For all C One System members, if you read this, I hope you will not forget all what have we done. Begin from Ijul was chosen as the leader of the class (for 3 years) until ... forever. We are always C One System.

Here is the lyric of Ipang – Sahabat Kecil (the song? click here)

hope you like that :]

Baru saja berakhir
Hujan di sore ini
Menyisakan keajaiban
Kilauan indahnya pelangi

Tak pernah terlewatkan
Dan tetap mengaguminya
Kesempatan seperti ini
Tak akan bisa di beli

Bersamamu ku habiskan waktu
Senang bisa mengenal dirimu
Rasanya semua begitu sempurna
Sayang untuk mengakhirinya

Melawan keterbatasan
Walau sedikit kemungkinan
Tak akan menyerah untuk hadapi
Hingga sedih tak mau datang lagi

Back to Reff:

Janganlah berganti
Janganlah berganti
Janganlah berganti
Tetaplah seperti ini

Janganlah berganti
Janganlah berganti
Tetaplah seperti ini

The last sentence make me crying more more mmmooorrreee ... :’)

Ichut Ichut Candid :]

Hiii all ! nice morning yaa ? (cold)

Okay, in this post I’ll introduce you to one of my friend. Her name is ...

ANNISA MARDLIYYAH (many people often wrong to write her name, like mardiyah, mardliyah, etc). She is kind girl (I hope she doesn’t read this post). She also a good friend. She doesn’t like people take her picture, but if you direct your camera to her, she will smile and ready to be captured. If you want to know her you can click this !

Hmm... I have some pictures of her. I take it by candid. She doesn’t know about this picts. Haha.. hope you like yaaa :]